Catskill Mountain Railroad Releases New Business Plan 2020-2024

Kingston – 15 October 2019.  The Catskill Mountain Railroad is pleased to announce its new business plan for 2020-2024. The plan describes how the CMRR can more than double its economic impact on Kingston and Ulster County by extending its Kingston operations an additional 2.8 miles to the Glenford Dike on the Ashokan Reservoir.

In 2018, the CMRR carried 37,619 riders with at least 30,164 of them coming from outside Ulster County’s borders.  CMRR’s trains in Kingston were overwhelmingly theme-based with an estimated $5.3 million in economic value to Kingston and Ulster County for the year.

The business plan gives a detailed description of the CMRR, and shows how an expansion of the railroad to the Ashokan Reservoir Trailhead “ART” at West Hurley and the Glenford Dike will allow the CMRR to double the numbers of people we can attract and double the economic value we can deliver for Kingston and Ulster County. This includes the adoption of adult-themed events in addition to children-themed events, and regular shuttle service to the Ashokan Reservoir Trailhead at West Hurley and the Glenford Dike, which will give the railroad a 7 mile trip from Kingston Plaza in Kingston.

The plan also gives detailed revenue projections and capital expenses for this extension of the railroad by 2.8 extra miles, which can largely be self-funded by existing train operations. The result is a regional asset and draw that can bring over $10 million in annual economic value to Ulster County, at no cost to the County or City of Kingston.

Further, linking the new Ashokan Reservoir Trail by rail to the City of Kingston will allow Kingston businesses to capture many visitors who would otherwise drive directly to the Trailhead to access the scenery while bypassing the city, when the new Ashokan Reservoir Trail is opened to the public later this month.

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