The CMRR is a New York Railroad Corporation which operates seasonal and event train rides and is a major tourist attraction in Ulster County, New York. Located in the city of Kingston, the CMRR is also a community service organization founded in 1983 dedicated to preserving the history of the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad. The CMRR has always put all its operating profits back into the preservation of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad corridor. Since 2016, the railroad has spent over $650,000 of operating surpluses back into the track and equipment of the railroad.

Until a few years ago, the railroad was run completely by volunteers. In the last few years, it has generated sufficient revenue from operations to employ a significant paid staff, with a payroll of nearly $400,000 in the last year. However, many of our staff chose to continue to serve as volunteers.

Many of our past employees and volunteers have successfully found full time employment in the railroad, mechanical or heavy equipment industries. The CMRR is a great entry level way to gain the skills needed for these industries.

Today we have four categories of staff: Full time, Part Time, Seasonal and Volunteer. These are broken down into four categories: Train Service, Maintenance Support, Administrative Support, and Seasonal Staff.

Please review our categories of staff listed below and if you are interested in working as a paid employee or volunteer for the CMRR please fill out the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of the page indicating your employment or volunteer interest and we will get back to you promptly.

Employment at the CMRR

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is staffed by a mixture of paid full-time, part time and seasonal employees, as well as volunteers.

The railroad operates mostly on weekends, though we have full-time crews that perform track work and other duties that support our weekend operations.

Our seasonal employees are hired primarily to support our Polar Express operations in late November and December. Our seasonal staff comprise a mixture of local students and more senior staff that direct the on-board Polar Express experience.

We also employ volunteers at all levels of operations.


Full time and Part-time Paid Staff

Our full and part-time paid staff perform the following functions:

Train Service:

  • Locomotive Engineers
  • Conductors and Brakemen
  • Flaggers
  • Ticket Agents
  • Passenger Car Attendants/Docents

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Maintenance Support:

  • Track Reconstruction and Maintenance
  • Equipment Restoration and Maintenance
  • Brush Cutting and ROW maintenanceStation and Facilities Maintenance

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Administrative Support

  • Marketing, Sales, Group Tours, Special Events and Publicity
  • Engineering, Compliance, Planning
  • Community Participation and Relations
  • General Administration

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Many of our employees move on to full-time employment in the railroad industry or to other industries that require similar skillsets. The CMRR is a terrific way to learn the railroad industry as preparation for future employment. Although no prior experience is needed, the CMRR trains its employees to work under strict safety standards and follow the same operating rules as all other railroads.

Seasonal Paid Staff

In November and December, the CMRR operates the well-known and iconic “Polar Express”. Last year, we hired over 60 seasonal staff between mid-November and the end of December to perform as part of our Polar Express cast of characters. Our employment needs for this event include:

  • Director
  • Production Manager
  • Character Actor Team Leaders
  • Character Actor Chefs, Waiters, Elves, Conductors, and Santa’s
  • Audio and Sound support

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In addition to railroad experience, being a part of the Polar Express is a great way to further a career in the acting and entertainment industries.



The CMRR also employs volunteers at all levels of operations. The CMRR was originally an all-volunteer operation. Many of our employees prefer to remain volunteers, as it allows funds otherwise contributed to payroll to be reinvested in the operations, track or equipment of the railroad. If you prefer to be a volunteer, please indicate this on your Expression of Interest.
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Safety First

A strict safety program including a rigorous Operating Rules safety course, machine operator training, specific job briefings, and jobsite dress code, help to create a culture where “Safety” is our number one concern.

CMRR employees who enter train service are subject to the same types of rules and safety regulations as all other railroads. Qualification classes are held every winter and our train service employees are tested on both written rules and operating practices appropriate for their responsibilities.

Our Maintenance Support, Administrative Support, Seasonal Staff and Volunteers are also encouraged to take the same safety training as our train service staff.


Expression of Interest:

If you are interested in being employed by the CMRR in Train Service, Maintenance Support, Administrative Support, or part of the Seasonal Staff or as a paid Employee or Volunteer please indicate which category you are interested while filling out the form below. The CMRR will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a employee or volunteer of the Catskill Mountain Railroad.